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Air Bubble Film (PE)

Mega Plástico produces a bubble wrap for the most diverse uses and purposes.
Produced from polyethylene (PE) with selected raw materials, we make a high resistant and stretching material. Our product adapts to your load, with quality and effective protection.
Mega Plásticos’s bubble wrap can be produced in two or three layers, with several thickness, in a way to maximize resistance and durability. Apart from the traditional colorless, the client can also choose the color that best meets their needs.
With a variable width from 300mm up to 2.000mm, available in rolls with length from 100m up to 300m and options of puncture from 30 cm of distance, Mega Plásticos delivers a bubble wrap of high quality, in accordance with the client’s demand.
Special orders in which the bubble wrap will be dubbed/ glued with other products, such as paper or metallic films, can be produced according to their specification.
Count on Mega Plásticos for the supply of bubble wrap rolls that guarantee the compliance with the strictest specifications. We assist the most diverse segments, among them there are furniture protection, loads, engineering, isolation, among others.


Furniture Protection

Loads Protection



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