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Non Woven Needle Punch

Mega Plásticos produces felts of non woven needle punch, developed under strict quality standards. It is a material with high resistance, moldability, resistance to temperature variation and high dimensional stability. Adopt our non woven needle punch fabric in many applications and segments such as footwear, filters, synthetic laminates, construction, mining, infrastructure, environment, among others.
We work with 100% polyester fibers or with the eco friendly 100% recycled PET fiber. Variable ratios between the fibers can be used to develop special properties, as well as the aggregation of viscose fibers and many inputs in order to guarantee specific standards of the project and needs of the client.
We can also use additives to assure the ability to absorb and repel liquids, or to ensure flames retardation, bacterial barriers, among other specifications. With variable weights from 80gr to 450g /m², thicknesses from 0.60mm to 3.00mm, widths of 100mm to 3000mm and variable puncture resistance for every need, Mega Plásticos develops the non woven needle punch that guarantees exact fit for any purpose.
All of our non wovens are produced within strict quality standards, in full compliance with the ISO 9092:2011, CEN EN 29092:1992 and GB/T3923.1:1997.




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